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DFW Computer - Service Payment Terms and Release of Liability applicable to Work Order Agreement

When you use our services, you agree that you have read and understood the Terms. 

References to "we", "us", "our" in the Terms are references to DFW Computer, its employees and contractors or agents.CLIENT refers to the person engaging the services of this business.

Payment Terms

Service area coverage & availability

DFW Computer generally provides service coverage in the greater Ipswich, QLD, Australia. area, and may include other cities than Ipswich, but makes no guarantee as to the availability of service coverage at any particular location.

Business hours and availability of services

DFW Computer generally provides service within the hours of 9am to 7pm, every day of the week. However, DFW Computer reserves the right to amend those hours, without any prior notice, in any way, unless directly prohibited by prior contract with a third party. DFW Computer does not make any guarantee as to the time frame of services provided, unless expressed directly in a written contract between DFW Computer and the party to which such services shall be provided. Availability of services may depend upon the availability of services and parts that DFW Computer obtains from third parties, and DFW Computer shall not be held liable for delays in any products or services caused by shortages or delays from any such third party, although reasonable efforts shall be made to ensure the efficient delivery of products and services.

Service charges and payment

CLIENT agrees to pay a minimum service visit fee of $80.00 (inc.GST) for DFW Computer to come to the CLIENT’s location to make the service call and cover the first hour of services rendered. CLIENT agrees to pay a service labor charge per quarter-hour of $20.00 (inc.GST), for time spent by DFW Computer working on CLIENT’s behalf for any services rendered beyond the first hour. The CLIENT agrees to pay DFW Computer a fixed fee of $20 for callout to area's deemed outside our local area, The local area is determined by 20 minutes driving time from my business premises. The CLIENT agrees to make payment for all charges within 7 days of issue of the tax invoice for the service. Payments not rendered on time may be subject to additional late processing fees of up to 15% of the total due amount.

CLIENT agrees that the terms and conditions that apply to DFW Computer "No Fix No Fee" and "We Will Fix It or It's FREE" policies, require that the CLIENT accepts the solution that DFW Computer recommends. Depending on the circumstances this may include the purchase of replacement hardware. If the CLIENT rejects DFW Computer recommended solution then the CLIENT will be liable for the labour charges incurred up to the point of the problem diagnosis. If the CLIENT's system is under warranty then the minimum 1 hour fee plus callout fee will be payable whether a solution to the problem is provided or not.

Service Within 4 Hours or it's FREE*

"Service Within 4 Hours or it's FREE*" is only available in Ipswich and is only available Monday to Friday, Not available on weekends or holidays. This service is exclusively for on-site computer repair. "Service Within 4 Hours" must be requested by phone and no later than 10:00am the day of the service."Service Within 4 Hours" is only available to the following operating systems;

  1. Windows XP
  2. Windows Vista
  3. Windows 7
  4. Ubuntu

DFW Computer may assign a specific appointment time at its discretion. CLIENT can not request a specific time and are in no way covered by this service."Service Within 4 Hours or it's FREE" guarantee's that a technician will be at your door within 4 hours, "Service Within 4 Hours or it's FREE" does not imply in any way that the work will be carried out and/or complete within 4 hours.Any changes made by a CLIENT to an already scheduled "Service Within 4 Hours or it's FREE" will void this guarantee in its entirety. In the event DFW Computer is unable to provide "Service Within 4 Hours or it's FREE" to a CLIENT, our ONLY liability is to provide a credit of 1 hour labour (up to $80 maximum) on the next scheduled appointment. This appointment must be scheduled by phone and by the CLIENT. "Service Within 4 Hours or it's FREE" is a one time limited offer and limited to 1 per CLIENT. Additional restrictions may apply. DFW Computer may cancel this offer at any time.

Release of Liability



1. CLIENT acknowledges that due to the nature of the services being performed, there is a potential risk of damage or loss including, but not limited to, damage to CLIENT's office, home, business computer hardware, its cabling, hubs, routers, switches, peripherals, accessories, and furniture, as well as potential risk of damage, corruption, or loss of computer software, applications, data, and data storage media.

2. CLIENT agrees to release and hold harmless DFW Computer from all liability for damage or loss as well as any incidental or consequential material or financial damage or loss that may result from the actions of DFW Computer, its agents or service representatives.

3. CLIENT grants DFW Computer, its agents and service representatives, permission to physically access CLIENT's home or office property where CLIENT's computer system and/or network reside.

4. CLIENT grants DFW Computer, its agents and service representatives, access, security rights, and permission to open, view, modify, edit, delete, or otherwise manipulate CLIENT's computer software, applications, data, and data storage media including, but not limited to, the computer Operating System, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, workflow, graphics, audio, video, system drivers and libraries, and any other type of software or data that may be contained on CLIENT's computer system or network.

5. CLIENT grants DFW Computer, its agents and service representatives, access and permission to physically disassemble any and all computer systems, components, networks, cabling, hubs, routers, switches, peripherals, and accessories necessary to perform said services.

6. CLIENT grants DFW Computer, its agents and service representatives, permission to perform modification to CLIENT's home or office property for the purpose of installing or troubleshooting computer and/or networking hardware, cabling, hubs, routers, switches or peripherals. Modification may include such practices as drilling, cutting through or disassembling furniture, floors, walls, carpet or trim, laying and removing cabling and devices including affixing cabling and devices to furniture, walls, floors, or trim, using nails, screws, staples, hangers, or plastic ties.

7. CLIENT grants DFW Computer, its agents and service representatives, permission to install hardware in CLIENT's computer and/or network, including but not limited to, processor chips, memory chips, cooling fans, batteries, hard drives, tape drives, storage devices, modem and communication devices, audio and video cards, network interface cards, hubs, routers, switches, printers, scanners, cables, and any other hardware requested to be installed by CLIENT.

8. CLIENT grants DFW Computer, its agents and service representatives, permission to download and/or install software on CLIENT's computer and/or network, including but not limited to, virus scanners, diagnosis and repair utilities, drivers, libraries, and software requested to be installed by CLIENT. DFW Computer does not check for licensing compliance for any software provided by CLIENT to be installed on their computer systems. It is the responsibility of the CLIENT to have proper licensing for any software provided. DFW Computer reserves the right to refuse to install any software for which proper licensing cannot be demonstrated.

9. DFW Computer strongly advises CLIENT to safeguard critical data by backing up said data prior to any services performed by DFW Computer. Unless specifically requested and provided as a paid service by DFW Computer, CLIENT is responsible for any backup, archiving, or protective storage as well as restoration if required, of CLIENT’s data.

10. Client also agrees they will not actively solicit work from any of DFW Computer’s contractors or employees for computer related services, without the prior approval of DFW Computer. This agreement shall remain in force for one year, beginning with the date of client’s last completed service with DFW Computer. This agreement includes all geographic locations where DFW Computer’s clients reside.

DFW Computer is a provider of billable on-site services and does not offer or provide telephone technical support. Neither the signing of this agreement nor the performance of services by DFW Computer implies availability of telephone technical support. This document constitutes the entire agreement between the CLIENT and DFW Computer. No other agreement whether verbal or written shall be in effect except if agreed to and authorized in writing.

The laws of the Commonwealth of Australia shall govern this contract. Any dispute concerning this agreement shall be heard within the Commonwealth of Australia. By signing below, CLIENT acknowledges that he/she has read and understands, and agrees to the terms of this Payment Terms and Release of Liability Form, which is kept on file at the offices of DFW Computer in Yamanto, QLD.

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