Hacker Jailed For DDoS On Insurance Company

A hacker has been sentence to 2 years 7 months prison by an Estonian court for using a DDoS attack against his insurance company. Artur Boiko,  a 44-year-old Estonian national, received a prison sentence for authoring and using the Allaple Virus against his insurance company, If Insurance.

Several years ago, Boiko was in a motor vehicle accident and proceeded to have a dispute with If Insurance over his insurance claim. As a result, Boiko used a worm he authored to launch a DDoS attack that hit If Insurance’s website, a customer interface site belonging to the insurance company and the website of his local ISP.

The virus uses complex encryption and spreads while modifying HTML files. As the modified files are placed on websites, the virus spreads to more computers. The infected computers are not linked in a traditional ‘control server botnet’ style, but rather continue to individually launch attacks consistently until the infection is cleaned from the computer.

According to security researchers at F-Secure, “there are still thousands of active, infected computers today around the world, and they are still attacking. And the worm is still spreading further.”

Who hasn't wanted to attack their Insurance Company <laugh-out-loud>

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