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DFW Computer Repair - Custom Computer System

DFW Computer strive to have the best custom computers on the market.This invloves the highest standard of computer deisgn and computer component matching.Our Custom Computers are designed and built using a stringent quality assurance program so that customers get the highest possible standard of custom computer.

We listen to our customers. If you want a specific system or a specific part we will use it.If there is a compatibillity issue or a known flaw we will of course advise you and recommend another option but the customer always has the final say, and the customer is always right!. DFW Computer Repair have sold many custom computers and intent to sell many more, therefore it goes with out saying that our custom computers must be of the highest standard and the customer must be completely satisfied. DFW Custom Computers use a detailed form to gather all the information we need to build the best possible computer for you.

DFW Computer can accomodate any special requests you have for your Custom Computer

  • We can accomodate any Hard drive partitioning structure you request.
  • Pre-installed programs as requested.

Advantages of choosing a DFW Computer Custom Computer System

  • Built exactly how you want it.
  • Freedom to choose each and every part in your custom built computer
  • Expertly matched components
  • DFW Custom Computers will give you the best possible performance / cost ratio
  • Better reliability due to the parts we use.
  • Unlike the bloated OEM computers our systems come with a clean installation of windows.
  • Latest Drivers, Patches are installed to keep your system as reliable as possible
  • Highest standard of assembly including cabling standards for improved air flow.
  • DFW Computer live by our Quality Control Check list (Customer also recieves a copy).
  • Your custom computer goes through a barrage of stress testing and real life benchmarking to ensure stability.
  • All Installation discs are provided to you.

For complete warranty information, please see our custom computer warranty page.


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