Custom Computer Quality Control

How do we maintain high quality custom computers?

Our Custom Computers are designed and built using a stringent quality assurance program so that customers get the highest possible standard of custom computer.

Custom Computer Quality Assurance Checks
  All parts are checked off to make sure they are the correct ones, and to make sure there was not a mix up in shipping.
  We bench test all components to make sure they are ok from the factory, And do a physical check for defects.
  The system is then assembled
  The computer is then tested for post and that all fans are spinning at the correct RPM.
  We then upgrade the motherboard BIOS to the latest version.
  All motherboard BIOS settings are checked to make sure they have been properly identified and set.We set them as needed.
  Your BIOS settings are then optimized for performance.This includes disabling settings that are not needed and optimizing ones that are.
  Hard drive Partition sizes are setup if there is an special requests
  The Operating System is now installed along with updated device drivers.
  The date and time is checked and the Operating System is updated with the latest patchs from
  Your system is then physically checked and all USB ports and other pheripherals are checked to make sure they work.
  Next your system is tested in realtime to make sure everything is as it should be.This includes playing a DVD, Music, Burning a dvd, check network connection and wireless if applicable.
  We then clean junk files from your hard drive that where used in the above processes, and the hard drive is defragmented.
  Your system is the put through a series of stress tests using custom software to make sure it will stand up to the lifetime of pain you will deliver to it.
  We then give your computer another physical check and clean it inside and out.
  All parts are noew boxed up[ ready for shipping.
  The final step is you playing with your new computer.

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