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Broadband Instalation & Setup

Want to upgrade your internet connection to ADSL or cable?

Dont know if your computer is up to the task?

Just upgraded to ADSL but don't know how to set it up correctly?

We can help! DFWComputer Repair can install your hardware and have you on the internet quickly and painlessly. We can also setup all your email accounts aswell. Give Us a call on 07 3288 0368 or book online.

Custom Computer Systems & Computer Design

DFW Computer Repair - Custom Computer System

DFW Computer strive to have the best custom computers on the market.This invloves the highest standard of computer deisgn and computer component matching.Our Custom Computers are designed and built using a stringent quality assurance program so that customers get the highest possible standard of custom computer.

We listen to our customers. If you want a specific system or a specific part we will use it.If there is a compatibillity issue or a known flaw we will of course advise you and recommend another option but the customer always has the final say, and the customer is always right!. DFW Computer Repair have sold many custom computers and intent to sell many more, therefore it goes with out saying that our custom computers must be of the highest standard and the customer must be completely satisfied. DFW Custom Computers use a detailed form to gather all the information we need to build the best possible computer for you.

Home Networking

Most people don't even think about there network set-up or configuration until there home network has problems or has stopped working altogether.We provide on site home networking repair & services to keep your home network or business running.

Computer networks are an essential part of any business to maximise production through sharing of information and hardware like servers, printers.We can help you optimize your network and we can even help secure your network.

Computer Networking & Home Networking Services:

Virus & Spyware Removal

Is your computer running slow? Are you getting strange errors?

Your computer may have a virus, trojan, spyware or adware!

What is a virus?

These days "computer virus" has become a common method of describing virus's, malware, spyware, trojans, adware.A true virus is a small piece of software that attaches itself to a real program and can replicate itself across the network or by other types of media.Virus's can also leak your sensitive information or cause data loss..

Wireless Networks & Networking Support

DFW Computer Repair provides same day onsite wireless networks and networking services...

Need to share your internet connection, or share files on your computers and want to avoid the cost of having your home or office fitted out with wiring you can have a wireless network setup instead.Wireless Networking is a way of connecting two or more computers with radio waves instead of actual wires.DFW Computer Repair can service all your wireless network needs including, on-site wireless networking, Wirless network security, wireless network design to your home or office.

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Dean was on time and his computer diagnosis was spot on.The computer problem was fixed in a matter of minutes.Dean also noticed we had 4 computers in the house and set up our wireless router in the time he had left so we could share files.I can...

Hello, Just a quick note to say thank you to Dean for his excellent customer service he provided during a recent computer problem we had.He was more than happy to answer any questions we had, and took the time to give us a full explanation in our...

Hi there, I would like to thank Dean for the outstanding service I recently received. Dean was very thorough, explained to us in detail what was wrong with our computer,