Internode Rated Top Internet Service Provider

Internode has been ranked top ISP by users again. have released there latest survey detailing ISP's customer service satisfaction, And not surprisingly Internode have toped it again.I have personally used internode since last reviewed them, and can confirm that in the last 12 months have never lost my internet connection or even had to contact them for that matter.

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Hi there, I would like to thank Dean for the outstanding service I recently received. Dean was very thorough, explained to us in detail what was wrong with our computer,

Dean was on time and his computer diagnosis was spot on.The computer problem was fixed in a matter of minutes.Dean also noticed we had 4 computers in the house and set up our wireless router in the time he had left so we could share files.I can...

Hello, Just a quick note to say thank you to Dean for his excellent customer service he provided during a recent computer problem we had.He was more than happy to answer any questions we had, and took the time to give us a full explanation in our...