AMD Six-Core 2010 Processor Roadmap Leaked

AMD Six-Core Processor Specs Leaked

AMD's plans to launch its own six-core processors have been leaked on to the internet. It's well known that AMD intent to release a six-core processor but when is the unknown variable. Thankfully the guys over at VR-Zone seem to have gotten a copy of the AMD roadmap that reveals what AMD intend to release in 2010. From what I understand, all the processor's in that will be released in 2010 are designed for the AM3 socket, but will also be compatible with the AM2+ boards that are sporting DDR2.All processor's.

AMD GPU PerStudio 2.1 Released

AMD GPU PerfStudio Icon

GPU PerfStudio 2.1 is the next generation GPU Performance Analysis & Debugging Tool from AMD. It offers clear advantages to developers by cutting software development time and improving graphics quality.

New ATI Catalyst&trad; Driver Updates

AMD Delivers Performance, Stability, and Expanded Feature Set with New ATI Catalyst™ Driver Updates

ATI Catalyst™ 10.2 and 10.3 graphics driver updates provide new features and functionality for 3D gaming, notebook computers, and ATI Eyefinity technology

PC Buying Experience with VISION Technology from AMD

AMD announced today a new way to help consumers select the PC that best meets their needs. Working with retailers and PC manufactures, VISION Technology from AMD breaks the model in how PC benefits are communicated. Rather than the traditional model, which focuses on the technical specifications of individual hardware components, VISION communicates the value of the whole system and demonstrates the combined processing power of both the CPU and GPU to deliver a superior visual experience to mainstream PC users. It emphasizes how an AMD-based PC is optimized for video, digital media and content creation activities. VISION guides the industry past the era of CPU-centric marketing and describes the PC capabilities in terms of what can be enjoyed on the system – see, share, create. This helps consumers to make better informed buying decisions.

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