Broadband Instalation & Setup

Want to upgrade your internet connection to ADSL or cable?

Dont know if your computer is up to the task?

Just upgraded to ADSL but don't know how to set it up correctly?

We can help! DFWComputer Repair can install your hardware and have you on the internet quickly and painlessly. We can also setup all your email accounts aswell. Give Us a call on 07 3288 0368 or book online.

Broadband ADSL Cable

How ADSL Works

ADSL is a fast data communications technology that enables you to browse the internet at speed through the use of your standard telephone connection.Standard telephone lines use set frequencies therefore aloowing ADSL to use the other frequencies not in use. It is however necessary to install appropriate frequency filters at the customer's premises, so that your telephone and computer know what is voice communication and what is data communication.These filters are relitivily cheap and easy to install, and plug into the line in between your telephone and wall point (All telephone points that are in use will require a filter or splitter as some call them).

If you have a lot of phone points in use the ADSL signal can become degraded but generally this is not an issue unless you have upwards of five voice devices. DSL signals can be degraded by old telephone lines, older telephone line surge protectors, poorly quality microfilters (Splitters), radio frequency interference, electrical noise, and by long telephone extension cords.Telephone extension cords are typically made with small gauge multi-strand copper wires, which are more susceptible to electromagnetic interference and have more attenuation than single-strand copper wires, typically used in your house wiring.These effects are especially significant where the customer's phone line is more than 4km from the DSLAM in the telephone exchange, which causes the signal levels to be low relative to any local noise and attenuation. This will have the effect of reducing speeds or causing connection failures.

Solid Copper Wire

Solid Copper Wire
Stranded Copper Wire

Stranded Copper Wire


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